Going back to our origins more than 50 years ago, what it started as a small business in Utrera, a town from Seville has become one of the biggest food & beverages suppliers of Andalucia.

After years of  packing our own products (mainly oils, legummes and olives) we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of products with the best prices to face the market.

We are a wholesale Cash & Carry, especialized in food & beverages and cleaning/washing products. We also provide a great variety of personal higene products and pet dry and wet food. 


We have our own packaging process for legummes and olive oil, one of our many stellar products.

Hermanos Ayala also provides a wide variety of products from another wellknown brands with great sales and to the best prices.

Our main Theme is to help small and medium size business to compete with big distibution chains like supermarkets.